Property Promotion Ads

Property Promoted Ads are a campaign type available within the Google Hotel Ads inventory space.

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  • Showcase your property to destination searches, above the SERP
  • Hold the #1 sponsored placement within active metasearches
  • Improves upper funnel awareness
  • Guarantees high value, premium placement impressions

Property Promotion Ads are a new campaign type available through your Google Hotel Ads. They’re a premium placement ad for destination searches. This means they’re not extreme bottom of funnel like metasearch advertising, but they’re great for brand exposure to potential guests searching for lodging within your market. 

Best For

Properties who are new to a market, or experience need periods substantial enough that increasing awareness higher in the funnel makes sense. 


10% media placement fee + $1,500 minimum monthly advertising budget. Requires a 90-day minimum engagement.

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