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There's more to metasearch than they're telling you.

Metasearch advertising includes budget, bidding, and targeting strategies just like your paid search campaigns.

And if your current provider or booking engine isn’t actively managing these inputs you could be missing out on direct revenue.

Metasearch Advertising

When monitored and managed properly, metasearch advertising can help you address specific need periods, target your ideal guests, and increase direct bookings.

Metasearch captures travelers who are at the bottom of your sales funnel making it your best channel for reclaiming market share from OTA’s.

They’re your guests, you should own the relationship. And the data.

Launching New Markets with Metasearch

Recently we had the opportunity to work with niche luxury travel brand Autocamp as they work to introduce and scale a unique product in various new markets across the country. Using metasearch was one way they gained traction early by presenting their brand to hyper-targeted individuals actively engaged in travel research within these markets. 

Prior to Metadesk, Autocamp relied on a booking engine connection for their metasearch strategy. Once we began optimizing their metasearch advertising campaigns for performance their results improved dramatically. 

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A GCommerce Product

Media Management
is in our DNA

Metadesk is a GCommerce product. And for 20 years now we've helped hoteliers capture market demand, increase market share, and of course, battle OTA's for direct business.

Today’s customer journey can have up to 60 touchpoints. Modern hoteliers understand that it's important to achieve visibility throughout this journey. With so much time and energy put toward full funnel representation, it's imperative you nail the bottom of funnel strategy with metasearch advertising strategy and optimization.